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I hope you are doing good. Please call me and let me know how things are. I would love to see you and your little one over the weekend if at all possible.

Ok, first I graduated from Emery High and I am not the best writer. So please ignore the typos’ and don’t judge the content by the author’s flaws…

I guess I would like to start off by saying I think one of the most important things in life is our nutrition. That statement in and of itself can be tricky. So if all else fails I think Michael Pollan (great author, I recommend all of his books) says it really well. “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

I really do think that is great advice. For the most part that is how I try to eat. I think everyone should follow these simple 7 words.

However, we are wanting to know if there is a way to treat cancer and more specifically brain cancer with diet and nutrition. Due to this, I am going to recommend a slight deviation from these 7 words of advice.

It will require a little education on a few things.

First, what are ketone bodies?
Our bodies use ketones via our mitochondria to generate energy. They are an alternative fuel source to glucose. (I won’t get into the 3 different kinds of ketone bodies and there make up, I will keep this simple. If you are interested in more, I can certainly direct you to the source material)
Ketones are often referred to as ketone bodies.

There are 3 building blocks to the cell.
1: Glucose
2: Fats
3: Proteins

You are probably familiar with glucose and that cells are normally fueled by glucose. It doesn’t matter if it is a laffy-taffy, potato, apple or a banana, your body breaks it down to glucose. The liver shoots it into the bloodstream and if it is needed the cells gobble it up. If it is not needed insulin rushes in and transports the excess glucose through a process into lipid and stores it in a fat cell.

This is super simplified. The point is that normally we use glucose to fuel the cells. However, cells can be fueled by ketone bodies rather than glucose.

Why is this important? Because cancer cells cannot utilize ketone bodies as fuel. Therefore, we can fuel the body with ketones and starve the cancer of its fuel glucose.

I think this TED talk would be worth the 10 minutes to watch it. Sophia Lunt does a great job of explaining the danger of sugar. This danger is exaggerated when you have cancer or a propensity to cancer growth.

This article written on a method of treating brain cancer in children by minimizing the effects of glucose and utilizing ketones as fuel for the brain and other cells. It is a great article, long but super informative:

In short the brain uses ketones and if needed the body will convert the protein found in cells into glucose for the few cells in the nervous system and eyes that need glucose.

Here is an article written in by Dr. Warburg this research was done in the 40’s and 50’s and I think this article was written in the 60’s.

We KNEW cells loved oxygen and hated sugar. If I could oversimplified this article I would say, we need to eliminate sugar and increase our oxygen. If we did this Cancer would die and healthy cells would thrive.

What pisses me off is how long we have known this. It’s not like Dr Warburg was a chump, he knew his shit. Here is a little bit on the author Dr. Otto Warburg. He won a Nobel prize for this work.

This video is about an hour long, but if you are killing time and want a great education on this subject. It is given by an Oncologist. He argues we can treat cancer with diet and nutrition. He does I think have to argue it needs to be in support of chemo and radiation. I think he does this to keep from losing his medical license. Here is the video:

Risking giving you too much here is another video that explains how you can slow the growth of cancer with fasting. I am not recommending fasting for a child, but it is something I think you should look into. There is a great deal of research on how the body consumes unhealthy cells during a fast.

So, now you know you need to eat a low carb, high fat, rich in low glycemic veggies. What can you do come meal time? Here are a few helpful websites with a lot of meal ideas. Low card high fat is a great weight loss fad diet as well so there are millions of meal ideas online.

20 Keto-Friendly Easy Weeknight Dinners That Take 30 Minutes or Less

Recipe Index

I hope this was helpful. Sorry, I did not send it sooner this week, my excuses suck… I love you and I truly hope that you can find a diet that is in line with this science and works for you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Love ya

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