Moral behavior as currency

I walk into a café and order a meal; the meal is prepared and I enjoy it. I clean up my space, thank the café owner and leave without pulling out my credit or debit card. This café participates in the moral behavior method of payment. I gave the café a positive review and the café owner likewise reviewed my behavior.

Depending on how I treated the staff, cleaned my space and acted towards the others in the café I would get a positive or negative review. Each and every interaction I have with others is rated. In a life time there will be trillions of interactions each of them contributing to your moral bank account.

The next morning the café owner goes to the market and picks up supplies. There is no need to bring a check book, the café owner has built his own moral bank account. The customers of the café are pleased with the food, service and have given many positive reviews.

In each of these interactions the supplier was able to identify the moral account and debit the respective amount needed for such a transaction. This moral account is something that each individual has, and can debit or credit. I can credit my moral account by being kind, having good reviews from others as well as volunteering to help folks in need.

With our level of technology, we are not that far away from being able to track human interactions in this way. For all intents and purposes this would eliminate theft and most crime. No longer will people break into your home to take your valuables.

Every individual creates their own moral account and can spend it based on the kindness and moral behavior.

Lets do another thought experiment. An individual treats people poorly, eventually people will stop doing business with this person. Or maybe this person will have to pay twice or three times as much for their goods and services due to their bad behavior and negative reviews.

In short, the kinder and nicer you are to everyone the more “money” you will have in your moral bank account. The better your business does the bigger the moral bank account would be.

I am interested in your opinions. Is there a point this would break down? How difficult would it be to switch to a system like this?

2 thoughts on “Moral behavior as currency

    1. I agree. But just imagine the possibilities for all people… Everyone is placed on an even playing field at birth. Be kind, work hard and have what you need.

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