My Ramblings

Do you trip up the stairs?

You may have never heard the word proprioceptors but they play a big role in your life. From brushing your hair, eating your breakfast, to walking down the sidewalk.  You would not be able to move effectively without well functioning proprioceptors.  Proprioceptors are sensors that provide information about the joints, […]

The day my bike met the car

My knuckles turned white as I gripped the shaking handlebars of my pedal bike. The faster I went the more intense the shaking became. I could feel the air rushing through my short brown hair and whipping my shirt behind my back.  At this point I started praying my bike […]

Why this Site

The main reason I put this site together was for my bio and my reading list. In business world I wanted people to get to know me. Granted I have a linkedIn account but I wanted a little more. The reading list is a simple way to direct people to […]

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