2 simple changes

As much as I speak against taxation, I do understand its importance. I understand the need for the Government. However, for the most part, it has outgrown its intended purpose.

Many of the departments are participating in self-perpetuation. The US Government needs to be trimmed back and cut down in size. The cost to run the government must be reduced. The overhead is out of control and must be cut if we are to survive. Government overhead can be cut just as it can with business. Force the government to truly consider each dollar spent, this will force the government to bring the overhead into line as well.

Here are 2 simple steps, if implemented by the US Government, would dramatically reduce the size of the government and funds would be spent appropriately. This is done by changing how and when taxes are collected.

Method of tax payments the “HOW”:

Currently, most Americans have their tax payments “withheld”, meaning the employer is responsible for making sure the correct amount of tax is deducted and paid to the IRS on a quarterly and sometimes monthly basis. As far as the employee is concerned, it is done as often as the employee receives a check. This means, as an employee, you never realize this portion of your income and therefore seemingly forget it was yours, to begin with. There are multiple problems with this form of taxation from a citizen’s point of view. The most dangerous of all is the fact that if you never received it, to begin with, it does not really seem like it was yours. If you never felt this money is yours then what difference does it make what the government does with it? Big mistake… It is your money, you worked hard for it and you should be very interested in what the government does with it.

One simple way to have each and every American not only want to know what “their” money is being spent on, but “demand” to know is to have each taxpayer pay their own taxes. Wait, I know it’s strange; but yes we would pay our own bill. If I work 80 hours a pay period, and I get $30 dollars an hour I would get paid by my employer $2,400. I would get every penny in my account. It’s not someone else’s responsibility to pay my bills, why is it my employer’s responsibility to pay my taxes? Just as with any other bill we receive, we get an itemized bill and we make an appropriate payment. This payment is for services rendered, therefore the US Government must produce an itemized bill for each citizen. If the US Government is going to tax my dollar, it must show me what it was or will be used for.

For example, each American would get a bill indicating what % of each dollar was taxed and what it was used for. What % went toward defense, what % went towards welfare, what % went towards Stimulus, department of agriculture, justice, education, transportation, and so on.

The IRS demands that each and every citizen know precisely where every dollar they spend goes; then why not demand to know where they are spending “our” money. If the government can’t tell me what they are doing with it, then they don’t deserve it.

The timing of tax payments, the “WHEN”:

Each American will receive an electronic online bill/statement for the prior quarter of service performed by the United States Government for and on behalf of each citizen. This online bill/statement will be available from anywhere on the World Wide Web. This online bill/statement could be set up on an auto payment program just as my water bill, or power bills are.

Just by implementing this one step we could eliminate millions of dollars just in the paper mess and IRS agents. It would be the responsibility of the individual citizen to make their own payment. We each get to see what our dollars were used for and what percentage went to each department.

This will make each and every citizen a more educated and aware of where their money is going. Not only educated but more importantly, concerned. If you are taking a lot of hard earned money out of your account, you will demand to know what the government is doing with it. I can assure you this will make each and every citizen stand up and take notice. The money was not taken out of your account prior to you getting the check, it was placed into your account and you had to write the check or transfer the funds out of your account. It now stings a little bit more.

No longer will your employer be responsible for paying your tax bill. It’s your responsibility to ensure your bills are paid.

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